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Labor Day 2011: Birthday, Wedding, Food, Family

Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday to You Happy Birthday Dear Jillian Happy Birthday to You!

Hey, Jill, what are you trying to say while 40 people sing happy birthday to you?  You look uncomfortable.  You know that look when you are trying to be kind but have a predicament but no one is listening to you.

Oh. You have a cold and you don't want to blow your germs all over the cake.  Ahhh!  Luckily Aunt Jenny picked up on that and waved her hands over the candles to help you out.

Your cousin Josh got married to Aubrey over the weekend.  The wedding, the bride, the weather – everything was beautiful. 

Josh and Aubrey Josh and Aubrey

Charleston Bus Shed The wedding was held in the downtown Charleston, South Carolina bus shed.  Weather was very warm but not too hot.  Great idea, actually.  Tons of light – you feel outside but yet you are under shelter from the weather. 

Alyssa and Gracie Isle of Palms 9_2011 Took Gracie to the beach.  She loved it of course. 
Gracie did experience a beach fashion disaster when her new bright pink collar bled onto her furr.
Hate it when that happens.


Went to Uncle Randy's and Aunt Carolyn's House for a Barbecue on Labor Day…

Beer Can Chicken or Chicken on a Beer Can or Chicken with Beer Can Up the Arse –

can't really remember the proper name


Not sure why but this pose reminds me of Cher … you go Liz!
Miles doing something with laundry, or maybe stealing his mom's comforter – not sure


Why are those people standing so far away?  Is this an exploding cake?

I think Spencer's parents glued his hands to this pole.

and I think alcohol might be involved in this conversation


I actually have this rooster too.  But I spray painted him black for some reason.  I like his rough barnyard attitude – he's like a mafia rooster.  "You talkin' da me?"





Happy Anniversary JennaDish!

I started this website to nourish my creative soul while getting my Master’s Degree in Education.  It kept me excited to learn many new dishes and to create a journal that my kids and grandkids may be interested in some day.

It was so much fun but now I’m on to new things.  Here are my two short anniversary videos of the fun food I created in my first 2 years. (spoiler alert: cute dog at the end of 1st Year video.) I hope you are fortunate enough to find time to do the things that make you happiest.  Because…

Everybody Has Something They Love to Do.


My Animoto Video

Barclay Wine

Radford Dale Vinum Africa Barclay
UPDATE:  Don't you hate it when you learn something about a product AFTER buying it?  I found an article about the basics of choosing a wine which said that the middle price range of $20-$50 is oftentimes the least value.  Guess what!  They were right.  My $25 and $30 were not better and maybe not as good as some of my grocery store $$12-$15 wine.  Hmm… I guess that's good news.

Got my wine delivery today from Barclay.  Had bought a Groupon from them: $25 for $75 in wine.  So I bought two $25 bottles and a $30 bottle that I wouldn't likely buy without the discount.  I usually drink Merlot but thought I'd expand my horizons to Shiraz blends and Cabernet.  To me, white wine tastes like sweetened sparkling water. Yuk

This package contains alcohol
I'm assuming our doorman wasn't intoxicated when this came so that's good. 

Amish Country in January

Went to Millersburg, Ohio in mid January. 

It was about 20 degrees out this day. 

Yet folks were working on their farms, riding bikes up hills in the snow…

Taking carriage rides.

Spreading manure…


 We were at a stop sign and this scene was to our left…

And this scene was to our right. Someone didn't make it around the corner, not upright anyway.
Weird.  Just not something you see everyday.

We stayed at Honey Run Lodge. Allen had purchased a getaway package that included 2 nights stay in this lodge-style resort, complete with a couples massage.

These are the honeycomb suites that were not available that weekend at Honey Run.

A hill we walked near the lodge.

This tree  was on the deck of the lodge, viewable from the restaurant.  Pretty lights by night, pretty birds and nutty squirrels by day.

Lehman's is a huge store that carries many items the Amish would use such as gas-powered household appliances…

Wringer washers …


Gas stoves …

but they also have tons of modern day cookware, camping gear, hardware, etc.  They're online.

September 11 Memories in 2010

Dear Grandpa Joe, My Dad

You're a Korean War Veteran.  You are now 79 years old.  You are my dad but I call you Grandpa Joe for the same reason I call my husband Dad.  I like your white gloves.  This picture was taken in July 2010 when Alyssa and Jillian were visiting with you and grandma (mom).  I'm going to tell the story of your accident a few years back.

It was the 3-year anniversary of September 11 and you were participating in a memorial service as you often do as a vet.  This was near your home in Indiana.  The ceremony went a bit long and it was getting hot.  You got woozy and your knees locked up.  You fell over the short wall by you and hit your head on the corner of a picnic table. 

You were airlifted to University Hospital and frankly, I think everyone thought this was it.  73 years old with a head injury.  We kept hearing in the waiting room about how head injuries are so unpredictable.   But after a few days you turned a corner and plans were being made for you to go home.  You spent a short time in a nursing home, and then you went home where you had fainting spells for awhile.  But over several months you bounced back and were back to normal. 

Since then you've continued to attend memorial and funeral services of vets and you walk in parades.  You are a deacon at your church and you and mom volunteer at a food pantry and at your church.

Mom makes these cuties and donates them to the church Christmas bazaar to raise funds for missions.

Alyssa and Jillian helped mom paint these this summer.  You have to start early when you plan to paint and put hats and feet on 400 light bulbs.

You and mom have a smiley face barn …

and Mickey and Donald yard ornaments…

Now Ain't That America