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Barclay Wine

Radford Dale Vinum Africa Barclay
UPDATE:  Don't you hate it when you learn something about a product AFTER buying it?  I found an article about the basics of choosing a wine which said that the middle price range of $20-$50 is oftentimes the least value.  Guess what!  They were right.  My $25 and $30 were not better and maybe not as good as some of my grocery store $$12-$15 wine.  Hmm… I guess that's good news.

Got my wine delivery today from Barclay.  Had bought a Groupon from them: $25 for $75 in wine.  So I bought two $25 bottles and a $30 bottle that I wouldn't likely buy without the discount.  I usually drink Merlot but thought I'd expand my horizons to Shiraz blends and Cabernet.  To me, white wine tastes like sweetened sparkling water. Yuk

This package contains alcohol
I'm assuming our doorman wasn't intoxicated when this came so that's good. 


Since I keep trying new wines, but very sporadically, I forget what I liked and didn't like.  So I'll keep track here, and I'll also track what I can taste, assuming I may fine tune my taste buds over time.  SR Clos Du Bois Merlot

2007 Clos Du Bois Merlot.  $18.99 – Sale $13.99 at Kroger

Tasting Notes:
Prime Alexander Valley grapes from superb hillside and benchland vineyards form the core of the wine's depth and character. A dark ruby red color, this lush and deeply flavored Merlot bursts with aromas of violet, baking spices, mocha, ripe plum, blackberry, and intense black cherry. On the palate, it exhibits a full-bodied mouthfeel with delicious flavors of black cherry, mocha and toasty oak and finishes with the velvety, luxurious mouthfeel that marks fine Merlot.

Like It – I can taste the black cherry and the toasty oak.  I can't taste the baking spices or mocha. 


  Bogle 2009 chardonnay
Had this 2009 Chardonnay at The Honey Run Inn in Millersburg, Ohio. 

"Classic Clarksburg personality shines through in the green apple and pear notes, while a bit more tropical pineapple breezes by. The rich mouthfeel created by aging on the lees abounds mid-palate, while the finish is wrapped in creamy textures and tones from the malolactic fermentation. Spicy American oak notes of butterscotch and vanilla are the perfect balance to the freshness and acidity of the multifaceted wine."  Liked It – Definitely taste the apple and pear, a little of tropical in general.  I can taste the butterscotch only after I've swallowed the wine and breathe, as a nice aftertaste.